Ruwisch & Kollegen GmbH: Solution Provider in Digital Signal Processing

We are an IP-licensing company located in Berlin, Germany
, with a focus on voice band audio applications.

Since 1998, our advanced degree team of engineers has developed leading edge solutions for automotive, industrial, and consumer markets; see Deployment for more information.

Our solutions comprise single and dual microphone Noise Reduction, Full-Duplex Acoustic Echo-Cancelling, and 2-Microphone Array-Technology for directional hearing.

An Eval Board is available for in-depth evaluation of the performance of our algorithms.

For an overview about sound samples of our solutions, see the Demos Videos page.

Code is available for ARM Cortex NEON, Texas Instruments TMS320VC55x, CSR BlueCore5 / CSR8670, On Semiconductor BelaSigna 200/250; further platforms on request.

Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Android, QNX, DSPBios; further OS's on request.

Contact us for further information about business models and license conditions.